The Prom from Netflix to the nomination for the 78th the golden globe

4/5 2h12m

courtesy of Netflix

Musical directed by Ryan Murphy, screen version of the Broadway musical running since 2016.

A fresh, light and colourful approach to the LGBT right and discrimination . When Emma((Jo Ellen Pellman) ,a high school student from Indiana, asks to attend the prom with her girlfriend she upsets the all community . The news goes all around social media and caught the attention of fours actors facing a career decline.The four actors decide to help Emma but with their own agenda however through Emma’s events they will revive unsolved personal conflict from their past.

Cast : Meryl Streep( Dee Dee) Nicole Kidman (Angie), Jo Ellen Pellman (Emma) Kerry Washington (Ms Greene),Ariana De Bose(Alyssa), James Corden( Barry) Keegan-Michael Key ( Principal Tom Awkins) and Adrew Rannells (Trent).

Meryl Streep is the real star of the movie.No need to mention her talent and personality which outshine everyone else. Her character dominates for most of the movie. Dancer, singer and rapper what you call a complete artist.

courtesy of Netflix

What a shame for Nicole Kidman…. one of my favourite actress ever she is kept in the shadow for most of the time. Actress choice or director choice?A solo performance in the second part of the movie make you remember she is also part of the cast.As per my memories from ‘Moulin Rouge’ I found her a bit rigid in her dancing but gorgeous as usual.

James Corden suits perfectly the role ,nominated as best actor in a musical at the 78th Golden Globe Award suits perfectly the role. Talented, emotional he could really see himself in Emma’s events and took things as a personal challenge and revenge.However I could not spot the narcisist he was meant to at the start

I personally found Emma (Jo Ellen Pellman) too happy and smily., basic acting not sure if she was the right one for the role

I would have not noticed Ariana De Bose( Alyssa) if it wasn’t for looking similar to Meghan Markle. Her role was meant to be covered by Ariana Grande which would have probably made the performance less anonymous

Kerry Washington is classy and the winner for best outfits, her Gucci suits in the final scene is unforgettable .Queen of style and class not to mention her quality of acting.

courtesy of Netflix

Songs can not get out of my head , really catchy and makes you wanna sing and dance all day long.

Emotions and feelings really comes out in the second part of the movie becoming more engaging. The finale unrealistic but in line with Ryan Murphy style makes you dream that love can win above all.

Highly critic towards the State of Indiana fro being not LGBT friendly and close minded I am wondering how people form Indiana reacted to this movie. The director Ryan Murphy is from Indiana so is there a biographic element?

This movie in a nutshell: sequins music dance colours and LOVE!

Critic: I would have liked to see Nicole Kidman out of the shadow and shiningHighly recommended if you like musicals

Highly recommended if you like musicals.Ideals for movie nights with friends, couples and open minded families




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